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In Mage: The Awakening, the third World of Darkness Storytelling game, you and your friends tell stories set in this world, in which you reveal these secrets and unravel the Mysteries of Creation. Those who do so successfully Awaken to the greatest mystery of all-that the rules of reality are not as hard and fast as everyone thinks.

By forging mystical paths to realms beyond the material world, the Awakened (known as wizards, sorcerers, and mages) can impose the laws of those higher realms on this world. Doing so, they can shed light on what hides in the World of Darkness and work great wonders tempered only by their wisdom. Yet for all their power and insight, the Awakened are still human, subject to the same failings and shortsightedness all humanity suffers. They must temper their wonders with wisdom, lest the friction between opposing laws of disparate realities cause an uncontrollable Paradox. Nor can they cavalierly expose the secrets their Awakenings reveal to them. Some secrets are hidden from Sleeping humanity for good reasons, and it is only the proud, foolish mage who casts into the light those things best exiled to shadow.

What’s more, a mage does well to keep his pride in check, as pride goeth before a fall. There’s always another mage out there with just a bit more power or who knows just a little more about what’s hidden in the darkness…

This game takes place in Ashfield, a New England city in the midst of cold war between different powerful factions, with rumors of powerful artifacts, lost secrets, and mystical conflict behind the veil. The campaign as a whole makes use of material from both Damnation City for the districts and Block By Bloody Block for District mechanics as territory constitutes a major element of the campaign. This being the case I believe this constitutes Fair Use of the copy righted material. Players should choose a district for their characters to be from and read the player section to get a feel for the district. This wiki is a work in progress so there are some rough edges for me to iron out.

New People: Be sure to fill out the New Character Questionaire in addition to creating your character. See also House Rules

Take a look at the wiki There is some more helpful info there.

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Ashfield - A Mage the Awakening Game

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